This site was created to curate the numerous online documents surrounding irregularities with Banco Monex. We hope this compilation of information makes your own research easier.

Online Reports About Banco Monex Fraud: This site documents the online reports on Banco Monex and allegations of: 

Fraud Money Laundering Ponzi Schemes

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NBC News Reports On Banco Monex Fraud

Vicky Nguyen reports on fraudulent actions by Banco Monex (former) employees. Click image for more.

Over $40 million USD have been fraudulently lost by Banco Monex account holders as has been reported from numerous online and print media outlets. In fact, the total could be more than $40 million USD due to Banco Monex’ efforts not to publicly disclose the extent of the fraud. Part of the ponzi scheme involved fraudulent monthly statements so some victims still may not be aware of their individual losses.

Throughout the articles on this website and the links provided we aim to shed light on the irregularities. Any CFO’s or businesses considering Banco Monex as a banking or finance source would be well served to perform their own due-diligence prior to placing their stakeholders funds at-risk.

This ponzi scheme has been highlighted in major online publications with headlines like the ones below:

Most of us operate under the assumption that once our money is placed in a large bank or major financial institution it is safe. Sadly, that is not always the case. There are laws in the United States and other countries that can protect its citizens from most fraud cases. But many retirees have learned the hard way that same protection does not necessarily apply to their funds in some foreign banks. 

It is probably no surprise that people over 60 lose more money to fraud than other groups since their average funds are higher. this makes them attractive targets to scams and schemes like the one perpetrated by Banco Monex. Numerous articles on this website point out how employees of Banco Monex fraudulently siphoned millions of dollars and then created false financial documents to cover the crimes up.

Adding insult to injury, some victims had no choice but to settle for recouping 50 cents on the dollar. Imagine losing half of your retirement to theft and being told “sorry, we’re not going to cover the amount stolen from you”.

So far, many retirees have had to resort to legal action to try and reclaim their money. No one, especially retirees, wants to spend their “golden years” chasing after money that was rightfully theirs to begin with.

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